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GBB Travel is a travel management and services company dedicated to providing you with comprehensive leisure, luxury, adventure, religious, corporate & group travels.

GBB Travel brings together talented professionals whose experience exceeds 24 years in the travel & tours industry. Through innovative ideas and forward thinking, our specialized team helps you put together your dream vacation, your family quality time trips, your romantic honeymoon, or even your hectic corporate trips.

GBB Travel believe that travel is a way of lifestyle, our team is passionate about what they do and aim to make each traveler’s dream come true as if it were their own. We are building long lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect with our travelers. We will continuously invest our time, efforts and experience to deliver solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.

Creation of GBB - traditional supportive counter and online booking engine
The travel industry has experienced several changes over the past few decades due to the strong development of information and communication technologies.

The Internet combined with tourism came to revolutionize the way people buy travel.
This has allowed for the emergence of an interactive environment where customers may create their travel according to their wishes.

Due to this, the market has developed considerable awareness. Business and leisure travelers alike demand strong support, professional advice, good rates, speed, and surely a pleasant buying experience.
Those attributes are still in low supply in the Middle East travel industry. GBB Travel was created to narrow the gap and serve increasing consumer demand.

GBB Realestate and Investment Advisors associate with major citizenship services firms and realestate developers within the EU and other countries offering Permanent Residency and Nationality programs based on realestate investments or residency solutions.

Our Vision

GBB brands will be regionally and globally recognized as a major retail, online, and corporate travel services company, with the best possible price-quality combination.

GBB Travel… bringing “pleasure” to every journey!

Our Mission

GBB Travel makes planning and booking travel an easy, accessible, and enjoyable experience based on our passion for excellence.